Advancing to Kindergarten

Parents as Tutors believe that starting Kindergarten is one of the most important times in a child’s life, and that this year of school sets the tone for future and continuous educational excellence. This belief drives our desire to help parents prepare their children for brilliance. Some parents are desirous of proactively preparing their pre-K aged children for Kindergarten. Part of this process entails helping their children develop phonemic awareness, phonics skills, strong vocabulary, fluency, comprehension skills.

In an era when Kindergarten readiness takes precedence, Parents as Tutors salutes proactive parents and join them in the pursuit to make sure that their children enter Kindergarten as fluent readers. Parents as Tutors empower parents by providing the tools needed to prepare stalwart high functioning readers. With these tools, parents will enjoy being their child’s first tutors, and Kindergarten teachers will be amazed to find that your child is already reading above grade level.

Standardized Testing Preparation

School districts in several states do not promote students past 3rd grade if they are unable to pass the state’s reading assessment. This is documented as a major issue that illuminates the national issue concerning reading gaps and deficits. As such, schools in these states regularly assess and support struggling readers, while parents work feverishly to assist. The question then becomes, are parents equipped to help their struggling readers? While parents strive to be more involved, they may lack the tool and skills needed to help children close the reading gap and remedy deficits. Parents as Tutors empower parents by providing tools and resources with detailed instructions to help parents succeed.

English Language Learners

There’s no doubt that learning English is a difficult undertaking. When a child can get a handle on it early it increases the chance of academic success later on in life. We help English Learners grasp the fundamentals of reading and have an easier time with the language altogether. An English Language Learners (ELL) is usually a student whose first spoken language is not English. Acquiring a second language means that the learner’s initial focus is on listening to letter sounds, understanding how those sounds transform into letters and are blended to form words, and then understanding how the words are used to construct sentences. This foundation fuels their reading fluency and speech emergence. Parents as Tutors’ tools and resources empower English Language Learners through the provision of strategies that teach the skills needed to understand the English Language.

Children in Title 1 Schools

Title 1 schools are funded by Title I federal programs that provide funding for improving disadvantaged students’ academic achievement. Does your child attend a Title 1 school? If so, is your child struggling academically? Are you able to assist your child in remedying his/her reading deficits? One of the most devastating news a parent hears is, “Your child is reading below grade level.” Feelings of anxiety and denial set in. “You’ve got to be kidding, after all, I take my child to the library weekly, purchase many books, and my child is able to read these books?” Feelings of frustration also set in when a parent is unable to ‘fix’ it.

Parents as Tutors encourage parents to ask for an explanation of the results of the reading diagnostic tests. In so doing, asks which area of reading needs to be remedied. For example, a child may be struggling with comprehension but the issue may be that the child is struggling with decoding unfamiliar words (phonemic awareness and phonic skills) resulting in an inability to read and understand the text. Your child’s difficulty with comprehension could also be an inability to identify important facts, or identify what is being explicitly stated or implied in the text being read. Poor comprehension skills can also relate to a child’s inability to make inferences, evaluate, or analyze what is being read. Parents as Tutors through its empowering tools and resources, provide direct guidance for parents of struggling readers. With these tools and resources, parents will be able to assist their children in correcting these deficits.

Financially Challenged Parents

Let’s face it! Tutoring is expensive. This doesn’t mean, however, that due to an inability to fund expensive tutoring, parents have no choice but to leave a child’s education to chance. Parents as Tutors reading series ensures that parents can easily fulfill the role of affordably tutoring their children. Parents of children who are currently reading on grade level may seek to help these children maintain that reading level, or rise above grade level. Parents as Tutors’ tools are designed to empower parents in this pursuit. The tools and resources are easy and fun to use. Parents will enjoy tutoring their children.

Home Schooled Children

Many parents have opted to homeschool their children, thereby granting them the opportunity to provide more one-on-one guidance. It has been found that in the process of being your child’s homeschool teacher, it is likely that you may discover that your child needs additional reading intervention. Parents as Tutors has empowered homeschool teachers by providing tools and resources designed to assist them in being their child’s tutor and intervention specialist. These tools provide detailed instructions so that parents gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to develop an avid on, or above grade level reader.