A friend sent me the link on Facebook and I have been browsing through the site. I am totally interested! Parents as Tutors is a welcome resource for parents. From what I’ve seen so far, it takes the guess work out of helping your child with language – especially phonics. My six year old is ready to enter Grade school and I am happy to have a ‘go to’ guide for assisting him with his language learning. The introductory video is informational and the books look colorful. You have caught my interest. Ordering my books and anchor charts now!

Mrs Grant, JWI.

I have seen phenomenal results with using the Blending and Segmenting workbook and parent guide. I started using these materials with my niece, who is nine years old.  After using this program for only three months every day, for 30 minutes a day; I have seen tremendous progress for my niece who has been struggling with reading.

The workbook and parent guide really work hand in hand. The set allows customization for each child while teaching a thorough phonics program. Within days of the books arriving, Adrianna began to improve on her reading skills, so much that her teacher approached me about her success. I was happy to share my success of this program with her.  Adrianna is having fun while learning how to read. She has gone from a kindergarten level of reading to a first grade and now 2nd grade level. She will soon be reading at her grade level and beyond.

I have seen all types of reading programs, but this one is far superior to any other program that I have tried. It has allowed me to help my niece to master complex reading tasks and much more. The money that I spent on these materials has been worth every penny and much more.

I look forward to purchasing the other materials. Thank you for helping me make a little girl’s life less complicated. My experience with Blending and Segmenting has been life changing, so much that it warrants telling everyone, especially parents and educators.


Gail. Michigan

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and train our PTO “MAIA Parent Academy” team.  A lot was accomplished and we are excited about implementing the training to our parents soon.  Thank you again for the extra supplements you left with us.

Dr Ray