I homeschool my children. Is this still for me?
Yes. Many home-schooled children are struggling readers, and will also need tutoring and intervention.
English is not my child’s first language. Is this for me?
Yes indeed! Phonemic awareness and phonics are two vital components in learning the English Language. Parents as Tutors products address those components.
Will this help me prepare my child for a standardized test?
Yes. This program was specifically designed to help children with exams that text their reading comprehension.
Do I need to purchase the entire series of books?
It is recommended; however, while the books work great together as a total series, you can choose the books that specifically address your child’s areas of reading deficits. Once you use a book from the series, we guarantee you will find yourself returning to purchase the others. They are all interconnected.
What is your refund policy?
Please click here to see our refund policy.
Do you do bulk/corporate orders?
Currently we do not offer bulk ordering. We are looking into this option in the near future.
What age group is the product designed for?
These reading books are designed to help children in grades Pre-K through 5, but are also ideal for helping struggling middle school readers.
What if my child already has a tutor or after school program?
Your child’s tutor or program director can use these materials to supplement their programs.
How do I know which books to get?
Start by asking your child’s teacher for an explanation of the results of the reading diagnostic tests to determine which area of reading needs to be addressed.
Are these available in subjects besides reading?
Not yet but we will expand to other subjects in the near future.