Reading Foundation Workbook

Authored by Andrea Thompson PhD
Illustrated by Tovaun McNeil
Published by BLUE ARTISTS

Reading Foundation Workbook was designed especially for parents who are desirous of teaching their children differences between upper and lowercase letters, consonants and vowels, and how to write uppercase and lowercase letters. No longer will parents find it difficult helping children remember letter sounds, because our lip formation chart demonstrates how the mouth should be formed when making all letter sounds, inclusive of long and short vowel sounds. We have included guided writing activities for each letter of the alphabet. First, you will learn to trace uppercase and lowercase letters, and then move on to writing these letters independently by following the arrows that guide formation. This is one of the best strategies to ensure that children are able to identify and write the letters of the alphabet, in uppercase and lowercase forms.

Reading Foundation brings all letters to life. You will absolutely enjoy how these letters tell a lot about themselves in conversations with each other. This makes it really easy to remember the difference in uppercase and lowercase letters. We make learning fun!

Reading Foundation Workbook is steeped in phonemic and phonics activities, and is aligned with the Reading Foundation Parent Guide. Finally, these books are instrumental in guiding parents to be their child’s first teacher, and making children Kindergarten and 1st grade ready.