Reading Foundation Parent Guide

Authored by Andrea Thompson PhD
Illustrated by Tovaun McNeil
Published by BLUE ARTISTS

Reading Foundation Parent Guide literally brings letters to life, which means that your child will enjoy the conversations between uppercase and lowercase letters. Reading Foundation makes learning fun.

The first step on the journey to becoming a proficient reader is being phonetically aware. Doing so entails an awareness of sound and phonemes. Children are required to sound letters, but this is without understanding the importance of the tongue and lips in the process. Reading Foundation Parent Guide includes a lip formation chart which demonstrates how children should form their lips when making sounds. Parents will appreciate this guidance as they seek to build or improve phonetic awareness.

Aside from being able to sing alphabet songs, children should be able to recognize letters in lowercase and uppercase (capital) forms, and to recognize the sound letters make when they are at the beginning, middle, or end of words. This is a necessary skill in preparation for decoding unfamiliar words. Reading Foundation Parent Guide includes the strategies and skills parents need to teach children the differences between consonants, vowels, uppercase, and lowercase letters. Parents and children will definitely enjoy the fun-filled activities designed to practice identifying letter sounds, in various words.

Letter recognition is enforced when children are able to write the letters they identify. Once children understand the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters, the next step is to teach them how to form those letters. As such, Reading Foundation Parents Guide includes guided writing activities. Children will first learn to trace uppercase and lowercase letters, and then move on to writing these letters independently, by following the arrows that guide formation. This is one of the best strategies to ensure that your child is able to identify and write the letters of the alphabet, both in uppercase and lowercase forms.