Comprehension Intervention

Authored by Andrea Thompson PhD
Illustrated by Tovaun McNeil
Published by BLUE ARTISTS

Children begin the reading process by first learning to read before moving on to reading to learn. Note however, that if students have not mastered learning to read, as in grasping phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and grammar, reading to learn is severely hampered. Reading to learn is largely based on students’ ability to comprehend; therefore, when a child exhibits lack of comprehension skills, no doubt this will also negatively impact the child’s performance in all subject areas. Lack of comprehension skills hinders a child’s ability to read to learn in social studies, science, and math subject areas.

Comprehension Intervention was designed to help parents address the deficits associated with lack of comprehension skills. It begins with increasing parents’ awareness of the various reading genres, and then showing parents how to use comprehension strategies to help children understand literary elements and text structures. One of the key comprehension strategies is questioning; therefore, Comprehension Intervention guides parents in effective questioning of fiction and nonfiction texts, in order to inspire a deeper understanding of the various texts children read. Parents will be amazed at how much they will be able to help their children conduct close reading, and ultimately increase their comprehension skills simply by following the steps outlined in Comprehension Intervention.