Blending and Segmenting Workbook

Authored by Andrea Thompson PhD
Illustrated by Tovaun McNeil
Published by BLUE ARTISTS

Blending and Segmenting Workbook is especially designed so children can develop decoding skills, and understand how letter sounds merge to make consonant vowel consonant, consonant consonant vowel consonant, and consonant vowel consonant consonant words. The activities included will also allow children to practice sounding consonant blends, digraphs, vowel pairs, diphthongs, and much more. Children will be better able to decode unfamiliar words once they acquire a deeper understanding of these word parts. Once children utilize the strategies and activities in the Reading Foundation Workbook, they will develop the ability and skills needed to decode unfamiliar words with automaticity. In addition, children will enjoy participating in sounding the tongue twisting L, R, and S blends in all the exciting stories, and will demonstrate the ability to comprehend literally and inferentially as they answer the question posed.

Have fun learning!